Prāna – Ron van der Post (EN)

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Prāna – Ron van der Post (EN)

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This intimate relation existing between Prana and the Mind is there. In hatha yoga it is manipulation of Pranic currents for bringing about control of Citta-Vrttis and changes in consciousness. In Raja yoga citta-vrttis are controlled by consciousness through the will and Prana thus comes under the control of the mind. Prana is a highly specialized kind of composite energy with a material basis, which is entirely different from the other kinds of energy working in the body. In the subtler vehicle which is practically a counter part of the dense physical body, run currents of Prana, flowing along well marked channels into every organ and part of the body and vitalizing them in different ways.

Practising Yoga since 1980 under guidance by BKS Iyengar and having been trained and initiated by Brahmrishi Visvatma Bawra Maharash Ji and swami Yogananda in 1993 in India, Ron is one of the few students from the West who have been trained in this tradition in India. At the insistence of his Guru, he started to pass on this impressive knowledge in the form of a yoga teacher training that started in 1996. Ron is renowned in Europe for having mastered living the authentic yogi life in a western society and his ability to transmit that knowledge in a “crystal-clear” down-to-earth manner. He is associated with the Association of Yoga Teachers in the Netherlands (
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