‘The Talas’ (lecture) – Geza Timcak

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‘The Talas’ (lecture) – Geza Timcak

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The Talas are the lower lokas neighbouring ours (Bhu loka). Thus, whilst – according to Indian tradition – we receive inspiration from higher levels of existence through our chakras, through the talas situated in the legs we also receive inspiration. The problem is that the inspiration from the talas is negative. This presentation gives an overview of the characteristics of the talas and the character of inspiration coming from the lower levels of existence. Finally it gives recommendations about how to recognise such inspiration and how to dissociate from or eliminate it.

Geza Timcak qualified as a yoga teacher in 1979 and teaches yoga both in Europe and India. www.timcak.saj.sk

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2023-04-28 @ 18:00 à
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