Yoga and Social responsibility – François Lorin

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Yoga and Social responsibility – François Lorin

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Yoga is not an ivory tower.

The image of yogis retreating to the Himalayas has long distorted the public perception of yoga. Today, it is seen more as a discipline that improves health or physical or mental performance, or both. Can we claim to be cut off from others and from events in the world today, when conflicts are springing up everywhere and the planet is in revolt against what the human race is doing to it? Is it a question of yoga practitioners creating groups all over the world to take action and share the holistic vision that comes to us from the sages of the past? Does this mean becoming a force that will encounter other forces with different points of view, thereby creating new conflicts? Is it a matter of each of us acting like a hummingbird, each of us lifting up one of the specks of dust that are preventing humanity from changing and stopping its destructive frenzy? Or should we spread the teachings in the hope that they will touch enough open consciences so that, through the snowball effect, as many people as possible will be transformed? I humbly invite you to share our points of view and reflect together.

François Lorin is a facilitator of personal development and transpersonal approach courses, a speaker, translator and writer. He has taught Yoga since 1969 and been a Yoga teacher trainer since 1972. He is affiliated with the French Yoga Institute (                                                                                    

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