Geza M. Timcak


Geza M. Timcak, PhD. has been teaching classical yoga since 1976 and Savita yoga since 1996. He has taught yoga in various European and Asian countries. He is also engaged in work for yoga organizations. He is the president of  the Slovak Yoga Association, chairman of the Association for the Advancement of Yoga, and a founding member of the Savita Yoga International in Prague. For years he was a Slovak delegate in the EUY and even a member of the EUY Board. He became an honorary member of the EUY in 2019. He received the Košice city award for his longstanding contribution to yoga in 2022. More at

Practice: Morning workshop 10.00 – 12.00 (daily)

Language: English

Principles of sublimation and Tattwa Shuddhi in Yoga

This series of workshops will bring into a practical perspective the age-long sadhana related to the sublimation of the energies of chakras and Tattwa. Its theory is based on the concepts of chakras, Nadis, granthis, koshas, pranas and tattwa/mahabhuta.

The workshops will deal with:

  1. The yogic concept of humans and their place in the multilevel universe (Lokas). The perception of body and mind. Chidakasha dharana.
  2. The Shrí chakra and the perception of Nadis. How to purify the Nadis – pranayama.
  3. Yoga Vashishta and the sublimation of tattvas. Theory and practice.
  4. The sankhya system and Tattwa Shuddhi. Theory and practice.
  5. Quintuplicate of tattwas (Panchikarani of Shankaracharya) and the practice of tattwa shuddhi for everyday life so that one gets better prepared for atma vichara – merging into hridayam, the source of our consciousness.


Tumo practice Purifying the pranas and tattwas in the Zinal Navizence River for a limited number of participants (max.10) in the early afternoon.

Workshop: Late Afternoon Yoga Practice 17.00 – 18.30 (daily)

Language: English

See above.

Federation: Slovak Yoga Association