I am 62 years old, married to Aliette, and we are the parents of four children. I started practising yoga about 20 years ago. As a committed and demanding financial investor, my first motivation was essentially physical: to get back in touch with my body, this sometimes neglected friend, to take care of it, and to bring relaxation in my daily life. My expectations were immediately fulfilled, and so I resolutely committed myself to a regular and assiduous practice. Little by little, it has permeated my life, and yoga has now become my main activity, as a teacher, student, and practitioner.

I first followed a Yoga Nidra training given by Micheline Flak, disciple and interpreter in France of Swami Satyananda. Then I joined the EFYSE (Ecole Française de Yoga du Sud-Est) in Aix-en-Provence, founded and directed by Boris Tatzky. I completed a four-year training cycle there, at the end of which I submitted and defended a thesis entitled “Yoga, Time, Transformation”. I have been living in Austria since 2013 and have become a member of the BYO. I continue to train regularly, and have been studying Sanskrit for six years. I have been teaching yoga for eleven years. I strive to know my students well in order to better identify their needs and expectations. Each student is a friend.

My wife Aliette and I run a yoga studio called Ayovie in Vienna, Austria. We actively support the Karuna Schechen association, founded by Matthieu Ricard, and active for the benefit of the poorest populations of northern India, Nepal and Tibet.
In addition, I am pursuing biblical studies at the Catholic Institute of Paris, and studying ancient Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am involved with the French-speaking Catholic community in Vienna, especially with young people, to whom I pass on my understanding of the Holy Scriptures and their meaning in today’s world.