Peter Van Lierde


Connected to the ‘Divine Life Society’ (DLS) for 50 years. Lived in the Rishikesh ashram and in Yogaville USA. Trained in India. Has been giving courses in kirtan and harmonium playing and lectures about the Upanishads. Author of two books about the Upanishads. Active member of ‘Kurukshetra’, an organization which supports humanitarian projects in India (connected to the DLS) and which aids refugees in Belgium and internationally. Lifetime traveler.

Practice: Morning Yoga Practice 10.00 – 12.30 (daily)

Language: Nederlands (with translation in English) 

The Heart of the Upanishads.
Lectures which explore whether the verses and concepts about the heart in several Upanishads are also the core and the heart of the Vedic teachings. Verses of the Brihadaranyaka, Chandogya en Mandukya Upanishads take a prominent place in these lectures. They enlighten us on the vital, psychological and mystical aspects of the heart.
Or, in words of the Chandogya: Verily, as far as this (world) space extends, so far extends the space within the heart. Within it, indeed, are contained both heaven and earth, both fire and air, both sun and moon, lightning and the stars. Whatever there is in this world, and whatever is not, all is contained within it. Come, and let’s find out.

Workshop: Late afternoon workshop 17.00 – 18.30 (daily)

Language: Nederlands (with translation in English) 

Kirtan singing and harmonium playing

A practical course which includes recitations, rhythm, bhajans, basic harmonium playing, what to sing, and how to organize a satsang. Mantras and bhajans (songs) in Sanskrit, Hindi and English. 

Translation and meanings of these kirtans and bhajans will be looked into. Being a musician is not necessary  but a full heart, devotion and enthusiasm are indispensable. Come to sing, bring your own harmonium if you have one (or use one of those provided) and have fun. Kirtan and bhajans are the most simple and most direct way to (and from) the heart. The sessions will be in Dutch with English translation.

Federation: Yoga Federatie van de  Nederlandstaligen in België YFN vzw – Belgique/Belgium