This text was written for the Zinal Congress of the EUY in 2024


by Radu Cristoloveanu

This year, in the very special place of Zinal

  • we will explore different aspects of our relation with  Prāṇa, starting and ending with an humble Namaste for The Great Master – our Breathing.
  • harmonizing the flow of energy with techniques as Prāṇa-apāna Kriyā in few variants.
  • using the original Prāṇa-apāna Namaskāra for the continuous connection breathing-movement-breathing.
  • rediscover the main principles and the main attributes of natural breathing, perhaps some unexplored directions of practice.
  • several manners to relate with prāṇa inwards and outwards of our bodies, the functionality of the five Prāṇa-vāyu and the possibilities to relate with our subtle body through āsana and mudrā.
  • the path to vibhāga prāṇāyāma and few directions of practice.
  • to be continued… in Zinal !


The Hidden Harmony Mandala™ by Sri Isvarananda