Sergio Castello & Vicenta Server


Sergio Castello and Vicenta Server have been working together for 40 years in their Yoga Studio. They belong to the A.E.P.Y. as teachers and Sergio is also a trainer. They were trained in the Nil Hahoutoff line and since then they have continued to learn to develop their mystical spirituality between East and West.

Practice: Morning workshop 07.00 – 08.30 (daily)

Language: Spanish (French)

How to develop spirituality in the 21st century.
The awakening of the yoga of the Heart, the overcoming of obstacles “Klesah” with Patanjali and the meditative practice of silence.
5 sessions, daily. The content of the sessions will be mainly based on asanas, pranayamas, mantras and meditation in the light of HRDAYA YOGA, as a path of sincere research.

Practice: Afternoon workshop 17.00 – 18.30 (daily)

Language: Spanish (French)

Live spirituality daily.

5 sessions, daily. Developing from the morning sadhana and according to the time of day, with karanas, inverted postures, balance postures and dhyana.

Federation: A.E.P.Y –  Associación Española de Practicantes de Yoga