Admission Procedure / New Organisation / New School

Admission Procedure and Documents


1. Admission of a new organisation

  1. Initial contact with the EUY.
  2. Complete and submit Candidacy Questionnaire to the Education Team. Also available from the EUY secretary.
  3. Feedback and further investigation is executed by the Education Team.
  4. The applicant then completes and submits their Programme Plan for the federation’s yoga teacher training programme to the Education Team.
  5. The Education Team considers the request for the approval decision.
  6. The EUY GA vote to accept the applicant as a temporary member.
  7. After 4 years the applicant submits their Report (Training Programme Table) to the Education Team.
  8. The Education Team’s final approval deliberations.
  9. The EUY GA vote to accept as a full member.

2. Admission of a new school

(of an existing EUY member)

  1. Federation submits Checklist for the Approval of Training Schools by Federations and Programme Summary for the Approval of Training Schools to the Education Team.
  2. Feedback and further investigation by the Education Team.
  3. The Education Team’s approval decision.
  4. The EUY GA vote to accept as a school.


Team Members