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The Board

The EUY is headed by The Board, which consists of four officers – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The members of the Board are:


Virginie Zajac


Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha Yoga

Yoga practitioner since 2003, trained at the André Van Lysebeth School of Yoga, current president of the FIDHY (in France), full-time yoga teacher since 2011. Previously marketing and communication manager.

Vice President

François Lorin


Institut Francais De Yoga

From 1963 to 1987: follows the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, in India and in Europe. Since 1966: one of the first European students of TKV. Desikachar (Madras). Graduated from Viniyoga in 1987.


Thomas Ineichein


Schweizer Yogaverband

Thomas Ineichen has been practising yoga since 1980.
At the age of 56 he completed the four-year yoga training in Villeret of Schweizerischer Yogaverband.
For the past 10 years he has been teaching Hatha Yoga and now also Yoga for children and young people in a school home in Basel.  Together with his partner he offers Hatha Yoga & Yoga-Nidra.
Thomas Ineichen has been learning Sanskrit for five years in a training group led by Dr. Ralph Steinmann, Indologist. 




Secretary of the Board

Luisa Gil


Portuguese Yoga Federation

Since the year 2010 dedicated to learning and teaching YOGA, I’m passionate to share what I discover from this barefoot practice that open the awareness about oneself and the surroundings, connecting the individual with the universe. I am currently a member of the Board of the PORTUGUESE YOGA FEDERATION. As a yoga enthusiast, I am committed in promoting the practice of yoga by teaching classes, organizing and participating in events to disclosure this individual transformative experience that can positively change the world. Yoga Teachers worth of special reference in my journey are Alexandra Prazeres, Isabel Cristina, Ruth Huber, Walter Ruta (disciple of Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi), Malek Daouk (disciple of Desikachar, following the tradition of Krishnamacharya), Gaetano Zanni, Roberto Ferrari (follower of the Yoga practice of Gérard Blitz).