Walter Thirak Ruta


Walter Thirak Ruta, disciple of the Yogi of Madras, lives and breathes yoga in its powerfulness and firmness. A man of faith, he travels from places where he is just passing through to others where he meets people in India and the West. Devoted to the very traditional teachings of his master Srī Srī Srī Satchidananda, the Yogi of Madras, he gives value to the teachings transmitted by trying out with some jovial seekers some of the practices described in Hatha Yoga texts. 

Practice: Morning workshop 07.00 – 8.30 (daily)

Language: Français  (English)

Session preferably for advanced practitioners: Śīrṣāsana.

‘Do what I’m showing you, with Me, at the same time as Me and let yourself be carried by my Presence. Don’t be afraid, practise confidently and you will extend your limits for your greater good, but first of all eat less and practise more…’ The Silent Yogi of Madras

Workshop: Afternoon workshop 14.30 – 16.30 (daily)

Language: Français  (English)

Workshop: Classical Hatha Yoga postures. Preparation, ‘cooking’ in the posture, associated pranayama and state of grace.

Lecture: Atman is not an entity with substance, but a primary principle (hypostasis). Hidden from most of us, it is offered to us as an experience when the spirit flows from the source of the heart.

Federation: FIDHY