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Spirituality Studies

Spirituality Studies welcomes original contributions from various academic and experiential fields reflecting the phenomenon of spirituality in its multiple forms. At the same time, the journal provides a forum for sharing personal spiritual experience of spiritual practitioners of various backgrounds elaborated in a form of a scholarly article, essay or poetry. The third area of the journal is devoted to didactics of somato-psycho-spiritual practices such as hatha, raja or other types of traditional yoga.

By publishing teaching and methodical materials that reflect practical experience of educators at the grassroots level, Spirituality Studies facilitates education related to spirituality and fosters the awareness of the importance of spirituality for personal, interpersonal as well as social well-being. Such journal, focusing on the experiential side of spirituality, was long missing and one of its accents is in the area of yoga. The EUY is one of its patrons.

Teachers and tutors of the EUY member organizations are welcome to contribute papers or blogs relating to their experience with spirituality.