ZR7 Diary Writing

Tips for Diary Writing
A) For Record of Techniques practiced, the writeup could be subdivided under the following headings:

1. Date and time of the day should be mentioned of practice. (Eg. 21/7/13 @ 6am)
2. Objective of technique (Eg: Silencing the Mind)
3. Method adopted (in detail including duration of practice)
4. General Observations
5. Insights gained
6. Challenges
NB: To be written immediately following practice

B) For the issue-based / application oriented practice

1. Issue / self-observation worked on during the day
2. Objective
3. Method followed (if any to bring about change)
4. Observations
5. Challenges
6. Areas to focus specifically on.
NB: Could be written at the end of the day or at any convenient time