Anne Laurençon Loviton


Anne has a doctorate in life sciences. She works for the CNRS, the French scientific research institute. She studies experimental questions on small animals, worms and flies. The themes she works on are related to genome dynamics, sensory mechanisms, lifespan and aging. Anne Laurençon does not claim to know the secrets of the subjects she studies. Rather, she defines herself as a woman, a mother… reassuring (her yoga master says so!). She embarked on a quest to find out who she really is in 2007, and this path is reflected in every aspect of her life, including yoga. Anne is a yoga teacher, particularly Toumo yoga, trained at the Maurice Daubard Institute

Practice: Morning 07.00 – 08.30 (daily)

Language: French / English

Toumo Yoga

Yoga Toumo is a yoga of Tibetan inspiration: like other disciplines that develop yoga states, this approach is primarily a search for spirituality. Through exposure to the cold, the practitioner triggers the awakening of the inner fire and reveals to himself his inner forces.

Federation: FIDHY