Noëlle Milliat


Educational director of CEFYTO and founder of Kailash Yoga France.

Born into a family of yogis, at a very young age she rubbed shoulders with Sri Sri Sri Saccidananda Yogi whose presence still accompanies her every day. She places her teaching in this lineage of timeless traditional yoga.

She offers complete, engaging, precise Hatha Yoga and shares this ancestral knowledge with joy and enthusiasm. Its practice takes in all the forms of Indian tradition.

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Spanish / French

Title & Short Description of the Type of Yoga Practice

Vital energy, the source of life, breath… so many concepts that seek to define Prāṇa, this term with different meanings which has no equivalent in our vocabulary. Let us then let the body, the senses and the soul speak in practice to bring us closer to the essence of Prāṇa. Let’s explore some Yoga techniques to feel, increase and master our life force. Through  various teachings (Prānāyāma, Āsana, Mūdra, Dhyāna…) let us find the subtle link between  individual Prāṇa and  cosmic Prāṇa with our shared journey to the source.

France/FIDHY –  Federation Inter enseignements de Hatha Yoga