Patrick Daubard

Teacher - Tummo

Specialist in Toumo Yoga (Western), Patrick Daubard has led courses in the Italian Alps for more than a decade, in close collaboration with Maurice Daubard, and now directs the Maurice Daubard Institute (IMD) of which he is the co-founder.

He dedicated his life to education. His inspiration comes from his own life experiences, both in the practice of extreme sports and in travel and in his very varied professional trajectory, always rich in human contacts. Graduated in the field of human sciences (Paris VIII University), health (Ministry of Health), yoga, toumo, sport and music, Patrick Daubard relies on multiple cultural references to carry out the realization of its educational projects.

He has lived in Brazil for around thirty years. A country that he considers to be the India of the West “so much its inhabitants are concerned and aware of spirituality and mysticism that they manifest themselves in their daily lives with the greatest simplicity and spontaneity.”

Man taught him his riches through sharing and observation. “When a man is totally destitute, he only has the riches of his heart left to share.” (Patrick Daubard)

It was in the dark depths of psychiatric institutions (within the treatment team), under the tropical secrets of the forests of Central America (very close to the Mayans), in the depths of remote suburbs and multi-coloured favelas of the city of Rio, but also in the effort and concentration of practicing high-level sport, in the discipline and lyrical beauty of art, that Patrick Daubard perceived and felt the most intimate and noble human values , these values that the Tibetans tell us so much about, these infinite and unlimited qualities which are inherent in the human being and which he will have to discover for himself on the path to self-knowledge, self-knowledge which inevitably leads to the openness to others.

Throughout his childhood and youth, Patrick accompanied his father (Maurice Daubard), not only in his yogic and sporting activities (extreme sports and Tummo among others!) but also educational ones and thus continually rubbed shoulders with both high-level athletes and people suffering from all kinds of pathologies.

During his adolescence, he participated several times in the international yoga congress organized annually by the European Union of Yoga (in Zinal in Switzerland) and thus received teaching from the most respected yogis of the time (Eastern and Western) .

In 1972, at the age of 13, Patrick Daubard obtained his first certificate of participation in an international yoga seminar, from the Yoga Intégral Institute founded and directed by André Van Lysebeth.

For several decades, he has led conferences and workshops, both in Europe and in Brazil.

In 2013, for example, he was a speaker at the Zinal congress of the European Union of Yoga.

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Every morning at 7:00 am practitioners will be introduced and practice the Tummo Yoga near the water of Navizance, the glacier spring or at the Sorebois condition permitted.