Adelheid Ohlig


Born in Germany in 1945, in 1967 Yoga/Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, then continued to learn Yoga in all the countries where she worked as a journalist. 

Teacher training from 1975: A. Steinacker/Munich; Sivananda/India, Canada, Bahamas; Masahiro Oki/Japan; A. Steiner/Israel. 

Since 1983 has practised Luna Yoga.                                               

Practice / Workshop / Lecture schedule



Title & Short Description of the Type of Yoga Practice

Experimenting with movement and stillness, becoming aware of one’s own breath, its paths in the body, sensing and feeling where breath arises, where it goes. Creating joy in life.

Breathing your own way, owning your breath, feeling and sensing how the breath shapes movement and stillness, enjoying the act of breathing through moving and resting.

Monday, August 19th: Full/Blue moon ritual from 19.30  onwards: outdoor meditative walk along the Navizence between the two bridges, during the day create your personal mandala out of natural material you find there, thanking the elements for giving us everything.