Swāmī Maitreyī

Guests of Honour

Swami Maitreyi Saraswati first came in contact with Yoga in 1985 and for 7 years she was deeply involved in the work of the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Sweden, were she trained as a yoga teacher and taught general classes at the centre, in private companies and at treatment centres for drug addicts.

In 1992 she left Sweden for India and the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, and participated in the first sannyasa course conducted by Swami Niranjanananda for overseas students. After the course she decided to stay in the ashram and undergo intensive training under the direct guidance of her Guru.

In 1993 she was initiated into Poorna sannyasa and took the decision to dedicate her life to sannyasa and to her Guru’s mission. For 15 years she worked hard in the ashram to serve her guru and to pursue her own spiritual growth and understanding.

From 2009-2019 she was based at the Satyananda Yoga Academy in Bogota, Colombia were she divided her time between giving classes and seminars in Bogota, being part of the teaching team of Yogic Studies and travelling in South America to Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile as well as Sweden, conducting seminars and in-service training for  teachers. She is now spending her time in the ashram in India as well as in Sweden and Europe, being part of the teaching team of Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe.


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For a healthy, happy and harmonious life

The seers of India have always known that the source of life which sustains and permeates the whole of creation is the existence of a primeval force, which they called prana. Prâna means a force in constant motion. The ancient yogis tried to understand and experience this vital force and devised practices, methods and disciplines in order to awaken, enhance and harness it both within the individual and the wider universe. How can we today as ordinary people use this knowledge, understanding and experiences to enhance the prana within us as well as around us in order to live a more healthy, happy and harmonious life?